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Domestic Flights and Airlines


There are several domestic airlines operating an extensive network of air service in the interior parts of Nepal.


Yeti Airlines, Tara Air, Buddha Air, Sita Air, Gorkha Airlines and Agni Air
operating daily flights between 6 to 10 am to those remote airstrips such as: LUKLA, JOMSOM, TAPLEJUNG, DOLPA, and other places.


Nepal's domestic airlines network includes some of the most remote and spectacular airstrips in the world. The approaches to these airstrips are difficult. Many are on mountain sides surrounded by high peaks. Therefore, if there are clouds or high winds, the pilot cannot land. The classic remark by one captain explains the picture perfectly: We don't fly through clouds because in Nepal the clouds have rocks in them'.                                                    Yeti-Airline

Yeti-AirlineDomestic service in Nepal is famous for delayed or cancel due to weather or technical problem however since regulation of the domestic airline business there are number of private companies operating flights who provide better service and are far more reliable then government owned Royal Nepal Airlines. Some of airstrips; Lukla gate of Mt. Everest Region, Jomsom Airstrip, gate way of Mustang, Dolpa Dunai, Manang, Taplejung, Simikot, Phaplu are the most remote Airstrip in Nepal, Perhaps the world's.


During the summer rainy-season, from June till mid September, airlines do not operate flight due to heavy monsoon rain and clouds. From mid September the monsoon stops, weather changes and becomes clear, the main trekking season begins and a lot of individual trekkers and organized groups fly to those airstrips for trekking.


Agni-Air Crash 2012 Jomosom
Agni-Air Crash 2012 Jomosom

Please be careful, by which domestic airline you are flying:

Agni-Air plane recently crashed down, killing its passengers!


Agni-Air Crash 2012 Agni-Air Crash 2012 Jomosom

The photo on far right side was taken one month after the crash



On Monday morning 14 May 2012, an Agni Air (Dornier 228) crashed while attempting to land at Jomsom airport, killing 15 of 21 people on board. Six passengers miraculously survived, police said.


The ill-fated plane had flown from Pokhara with 18 passengers (16 Indian pilgrims and 2 Danish tourists) and 3 crew members on board when it crashed at 9:46 am (Nepali time) while trying to land at the mountain airstrip in Jomsom -a famous trekking and tourist destination, trekking gateway to the Annapurna mountain range.


Pokhara Airport officials reported the crew had reported a technical problem on approach to Jomsom airport, and decided to turn around (in a curve) for flying back to Pokhara. The aircraft turned back inside Jomsom Valley but hit the side of a hill. The right wing struck the hillside and the plain crashed into the mountain. It has been said that the aircraft turned into pieces but did not catch fire. As per the experts, the plane was crashed due to the fault of pilot. The plain-wreckage has been removed now.


Agni-Air Crash 2012 Jomosom  Agni-Air Crash 2012 Jomosom


Indian Embassy officials in Kathmandu confirmed that 13 of those killed were Indians. The pilot and co-pilot have also been reported to have died in the accident.The six people injured including two children, two Danish nationals and the flight stewardess were airlifted to Pokhara where they have admitted to the Manipal College of Medical Sciences.


According to Agni Air officials, the aircraft was 11 years old. In August 2010 another Dornier aircraft belonging to the six-year-old airlines had crashed in Makwanpur killing all 14 passengers. With this, the number of plane crash in Nepal has reached 71. It was fifth plane crash in Jomsom area.


Tara-Airline Crash - February 24, 2016 Jomosom

Tara-Airline Crash - February 24, 2016


Feb 24, 2016 -- Tara Airline said its missing aircraft 9N-AHH, which took off from Pokahra on its scheduled flight number TA 193 to Jomsom at 7:50 am (a 20-minute flight), was found crashed in the Solighopte hill, near the village of Dana, Tirkhe-Dunga (Myagdi District). The plain had lost contact with the Pokhara Air Traffic Control (ATC) 10 minutes after departure at 7:50 am.


All 23 passengers including two children and a team of three crew members on board the ill-fated Tara Air Twin Otter where killed.


Tara-Air Crash 2016 Jomosom  Tara-Air Crash 2016 Jomosom

Tara Air is a subsidiary of Yeti Airlines, a privately owned domestic carrier founded in 1998 which services many remote destinations across Nepal.


The Tara Air flight from Pokhara to Jomsom -- about a 20-minute flight -- was carrying three crew and 20 passengers, including a Chinese national and a Kuwaiti. All the others were from Nepal and two of them were children.

The crash site in Myagdi district is around 16,000 feet (4,900 metres) high in the Himalayas and can only be reached on foot or by helicopter. The crash site on Solighopte hill is around seven kilometres walk from Dana village (Tirkhe -Dunga).


Among the deceased, two were foreign nationals—one Chinese and one Kuwaiti. All others, including three crew members and two children, were Nepali nationals. The cabin crew members were identified as captain Roshan Manandhar, co-pilot Dikesh Nemkul and airhostess Rama Rawat.

Captain Roshan Manandhar, the senior most pilot with the airline, had flown the brand new plane from Canada to Nepal to add to Tara Air’s fleet in September 26 last year. Manandhar, 55, had logged more than 21,000 hours of flying experience in Nepal.

A resident of Dallu, Manandhar was associated with Tara Air for the last 21 years. He was associated with Nepal Airlines before joining Tara.

Captain Dikesh Nemkul, 25, a resident of Patan Dhoka, had started his flying carrier from Tara Air.




Yeti-Airline starting from Jomson airport    -    Yeti-Airline landing at Pokhara airport

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