Nepal Himalaya Trekking

A stream of himalayan air sets a lightweight piece of free flowing colored fabric flying.
Fluttering Silk transforms normally invisible air currents into colorful patterns in fabric.

Like a silk ribbon/scarf flying freely in air, I wish I can fly over the mountains.

resham phi-ri-ri ... a nepalese folk song



Here is a very nice popular 'Nepali Folk Song' that was taught to us by our sherpas and that you will hear and sing along if you go for a Nepal trekking tour. A nice trekking- and bus-riding mantra. Its hard to find anyone in Nepal who don't know/can't sing "Resham Phiriri". Even the children singing this song... nice video.


It seems that EVERYONE in Nepal knows this song, and we ended up singing it ALL the time. Once you listen to the melody, you may be able to understand why it is such a popular song among the young and old.


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Nepalis love to sing folk songs, and this is by far their favorite.
Try to sing along yourself with the lyrics taken from below:


Refrain/ Chorus:

रेशम फिरिरी रेशम फिरिरी
उडेर जाउँ कि डाँडामा भन्ज्यांग, रेशम फिरिरी

reśama phirirī, reśama phirirī
uḍera jāun ki ḍānḍāmā bhanjyāṁga, reśama phirirī

Resham phi-ri-ri, Resham phi-ri-ri,
Udera jau ki dan-dama-bhanjyang Resham phi-ri-ri.

My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind
I cannot decide whether to fly or sit on the hill top
Shall we fly over the valleys and hills


कुकुरलाई कुती कुती, बिरालोलाई सुरी
तिम्रो हाम्रो माया प्रिती दोबाटोमा कुरी

kukura lāī kutī ma kutī, birālo lāī surī
timro hāmro māyā pritī dobāṭo mā kurī


(1) Kukura lai kuti ma kuti biralo lai suri
Timro hamro maya priti, doba-to ma kuri

To the dog it’s puppy, puppy, to the cat it’s meow meow
We fell in love just by waiting at crossroads

Refrain: Resham phi-ri-ri, Resham phi-ri-ri....
My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind...


एकनाले बन्दुक दुइनाले बन्दुक, मिर्गलाई ताकेको
मिर्गलाई मैले ताकेको होइन, मायालाई डाकेको

ekanāle banduka duināle banduka, mirgalāī tākeko
mirgalāī maile tākeko hoina, māyālāī ḍākeko


(2) Ek nale bunduk, dui nale bunduk, mirga lai take ko.
Mirga lai mailey take ko hoeina maya lai dau key ko.

One-barrelled gun, two-barrelled gun, targeted at a deer.
It`s not the deer that I am aiming at, but calling my love


Refrain: Resham phi-ri-ri, Resham phi-ri-ri....
My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind...


आकाशमा जहाज सडकमा मोटर नभए गाडा छ
यो मन जस्तो त्यो मन भए तागत गाढा छ

ākāśamā jahāja saḍakamā moṭara nabhae gāḍā cha
yo mana jasto tyo mana bhae tāgata gāḍhā cha


(3) aakaash maa jahaaj sadak maa motor na bhaye gaadaa cha

yo mana jasto tyo mana bhaye taagati gaadhaa cha

Aeroplane in the Sky, Motor-car on the road, if not then
Bullock cart, If your heart feels the same as mine then come.


Refrain: Resham phi-ri-ri, Resham phi-ri-ri....

My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind...


सानोमा सानो गाईको बाच्छो भिरैमा राम राम
छोडेर जान सकिन मैले, बरु माया संगै जाउँ

sānomā sāno gāīko bāccho bhiraimā rāma rāma
choḍera jāna sakina mailē, baru māyā saṁgai jāuṁ


(4) Sano ma sano gaiko bachho bhirai ma, Ram, Ram
Chodreh jauna sakena mailey, baru maya songhai jaum

Oh my God Ram, the tiny baby calf is in danger near the cliff
I couldn't leave it there, let's go together, my love


Refrain: Resham phi-ri-ri, Resham phi-ri-ri....
My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind...


(5) kodu charyo, makai charyo, dhan chareko china,
Na au kanchi, Pachi pachi, manpareko china.

Millet is planted, corn is planted, but not the rice
Don't follow me behind little girl, because I don't like you.


Repeat Chorus:
Resham phi-ri-ri, Resham phi-ri-ri,
Udera jau ki dandama-bhanjyang Resham phi-ri-ri.

My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind
Shall we fly over the valleys or sit on the hill top


(repeat until blue in the face...  :-)


Word for Word Translations:

Kukur (Dog) ra lai kuti ma kuti
Biralu (Cat) lai suri
Timro (your) haamro (mine) maya (love) preeti (Love)
Do bato (two roads - cross roads) ma kuri (waiting)


To the dog it's puppy, puppy, to the cat it's meow meow
You and me fell in love by waiting at the crossroads)


Aakas (Aeroplane) ma jaahaz: (Aeroplane in the Sky)
Sarak (Road) ma moter: (Motor car on the Road)
Nabaye (if not) gada (Bullock cart)
cha (if not then there is Bullock cart)
Yo (this) manna (Heart) jaasto (like)
Tiyo (that) manna (heart) bhaye
Taa gati dhara chah

Aeroplane in the Sky, Motor car on the road,
if not then Bullock cart. If your heart feels the
same as mine, then come with me.

Resham Fi-ri-ri dancingNepali Music Instruments
Musical Instruments:
The original version of the 
song uses the following 
musical  instruments:

Sarangi (Nepali violin)
Madal (Nepali traditional drum)
Basuri (Nepali flute)

The modern versions use several 
other musical instruments like 
guitars, keyboards, drums etc.
Song Title:
Resham phi-ri-ri - रेशम फिरिरी -

Nepali folk song (love song)

Composer: Buddhi Pariyar,
Father of Dharmendra Sewan

While we find this standard lyrics in many original versions of this song, there are plenty of additional lines usually added to this song by village people when they sing this song.

We even found people using different variation within these lyrics as well.


Resham Firiri - Resam Phiriri




Nepali folk songs are a fascinating blend of rhythm, melody and poetic lyrics. It is the harmony of these three important musical elements that make Nepali folk so irresistible. There is not a trekker who does not leave this country humming Resham phi-ri-ri while being frisked amidst heightened security at the departure gate.  


I have often wondered at the popularity of that particular song, and have come to the conclusion that it is the lyrics that make it the hot favourite of the people. The words are imbued with deep symbolism and relevance.


Prayer Flags  


Tibetans have an age-old tradition of printing prayers from
hand-carved wood blocks onto colored squares of cotton


In Nepal and Tibet, the tradition of hanging flags is very old. In general the flags contained Buddhist prayers to honor the nature and its creator. As Buddhism grew the flags where adapted to contain Buddhist symbols and spiritual mantras, and are hence known as prayer flags. Buddhist monks printed special mantras and symbols on the flags as blessings to be sent out to the world with each breeze of the wind.


These flags are then strung together and hung at mountain passes, over homes and temples, or anywhere the wind will blow their prayers to the universe, for the blessings of the world and to grant the wishes of the person who hung the flags.


They used colors of the five elements: blue for sky or space; white for air or clouds; red for fire; green for water and yellow for earth. They hung the flags over mountain passes and rivers to benefit all who would pass underneath.

Tibetan prayer flags are traditionally used to promote peace, wisdom, compassion, and strength. It is believed the energy of the prayers and sacred mantras on the flags are blown in the wind and will bring Joy, Happiness and good health to all who see them as well as their families, loved ones, neighbors, and all people throughout the world.

It is natural that prayer flags fade and fray, indeed they are intentionally left unhemmed for this to happen. This is symbolic of the inevitable passing of all things. New prayer flags can either be hung over the old ones, or the old ones can be taken down an burnt releasing the last of the blessings.


Prayer Flags


At the centre of a prayer flag there is an image of the Wind Horse. On the Four corners of each of the prayer flags are images of a Garuda, Dragon, Tiger and Snow Lion which are the four sacred animals representing the four virtues of Wisdom, Strength, Confidence and Joy.


(The most fervent wish of nearly all Tibetans is that every being of any sort, in whatever realms of existence they may reside, should be happy and free from suffering, and that the individual making the wish should have the good fortune to be allowed to assist in the liberation of all beings, without exception.)


It is said that hanging prayer flags is certain to yield greater peace, happiness, and health for oneself, for ones loved ones and neighbors, for strangers in the area, and even for ones enemies.


Due to the compassionate intention of those who create and those who hang the flags, and the movement of the wind itself, the blessings of the prayers are carried throughout all realms, all over the world, pervading the minds of beings with peace and well-being. «more here»