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Muktinath Temple - Journey to the Rooftop of the World


Temple of Lord Muktinath Muktinath Temple Muktinath Temple Muktinath Temple

A Pilgrimage to the Temple of Lord Muktinath, near Jomosom, Nepal - July 2012

The famous Muktinath Temple, a sacred place both for Hindus and Buddhists, is located about 3,800 meters above sea level, high in the Himalayas of Nepal, surrounded by a few trees, the only ones that exist within kilometers.


Lord Muktinath, the bestower of liberation or Moksha
 Lord Muktinath, the bestower of liberation or Moksha

There is the Temple of Lord Muktinath (Lord Visnu), Who is sitting in yoga meditation, revered and worshipped as the deity who grants liberation or moksha.


Muktinath, or Sri Muktinath, is a name of Vishnu and means: "the Lord of Liberation" granting liberation from the cycle of repeated birth and death (Samsara). 'Mukti' means liberation and "Natha" means Lord.


The Muktinath Temple is close to the village of Ranipauwa, which is sometimes mistakenly called Muktinath as well.


Near the temple is still another sanctuary, the Jwala Mai Temple, where fire and water come out simultaneously from a sacred spring.


Here you can see a blue flame on the top of the water. As the Deity manifested Himself in Muktinath, at the same time the sacred spring, carrying fire on its top whas miraculously manifested.


Muktinath  Muktinath  Muktinath  Muktinath


 Muktinath lokal village trekking:

 - Muktinath - Jharkot 30 min. trekking
 - Jharkot - Khingar 40 min. trekking
 - Khingar - Eklebhatti 50 min trekking
 - Eklebhatti - Jomosom 3hrs trekking
 - Eklebhatti - Jomosom by Jeep 25 min
 - Muktinath - Kagbeni by Jeep
 - Kagbeni -Tiri trekking 30min

 - The Hidden Mystery of Muktinath
 - The Hidden Mystery of Kagbeni


 Muktinath Temple Aerea

 - Muktinath - Temple Complex
 - Muktinath - Temple Surrounding
 - Muktinath - Lord of Liberation
 - Muktinath - 108 water spouts

 - Muktinath - Jwala Mai Temple
 - Muktinath - Shiva Temple

 - Muktinath - Viṣṇu-Pādukā-Mandir
 - Muktinath - Ranipauwa

 - Muktinath - Sadhus
 - Muktinath - Bells, Chortens

 - Muktinath - Maps

 Muktinath lokal villages


 - Chongur village
 - Jhong village
 - Purang village
 - Jharkot village
 - Khingar village
 - Lubra village
 - Eklebhatti
 - Kagbeni
 - Jomosom


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15 Days Trekking - Pokhara - Muktinath // Day to Day Itinerary, July 2012:


Day 1: Arrival Kathmandu Airport, 30day visa 40USD, Transfer to Hotel.
Day 2: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara 6-8 hrs. by Bus or Fly 30min 90USD, stay in Guesthouse.
Day 3: Stay in Pokhara, get Trekking Permit, ACAP and TIMS (2000 NPR + 20 USD)
Day 4: Sightseeing in Pokhara, lake view, basar, shopping, - stay in Guesthouse.
Day 5: Start Trekking 7am, Drive 1 hrs. by Taxi to Khande, 1200 NPR.
Trek from Kande to Ghandruck 10:30 hrs. Stay overnight in Guesthouse.
Khande-Pothana 2hrs uphill, check-post show trekking permit, Pitam Deurali 45min, Verikarka-Tolka 1:15hrs downhill, Teebreak, Landruk 1:15hrs, Ghandruk 3:45hrs (down 45min, up 3hrs) Nice view of Annapurna South and Himchuli. Stay overnight in Guesthouse.
Day 6: Trek from Ghandruk to Ghorepani 9 hrs. Start Trekking 7am.
Ghandruk to Tadapani 3:30hrs Teebreak, Tadapani to Ban Thanti 1:30hrs, Ban Thanti to Deurali 2hrs, Deurali to Ghorepani 2hrs downhill, stay overnight in Ghorepani.
Day 7: Trek from Ghorepani to Poon-Hill to Tatopani 6 hrs (plus 2hrs visiting Poon-Hill start early)
Ghorepani to Shika 2hrs, ACAP Checkpost, Shika to Ghara 1hrs, Ghara to Tatopani 2:45hrs
In Tatopani ACAP Check-post, take bath in Hot spring. Stay overnight in Guesthouse.
Day 8: Trek from Tatopani to Marpha 4:30hrs by Bus, 1hrs Trekking.
Bus from Tatopani to Ghasa 2:30hrs, via Rukse Chahara (waterfall)
Bus from Ghasa to Tukuche 2hrs, take lunch,
Trek from Tukuche to Marpha 1:30 hrs. Stay overnight in Guesthouse.
Day 9: Trek from Marpha via Syang to Jomosom
Drive from Jomosom to Kagbeni by Jeep, 1hrs. Stay overnight in Hotel Red-House.
Day 10: Stay in Kagbeni whole Day, sightseeing, nice village. Shalagram Shilas are found here.
Trek to lokal village Tiri (Mustang aerea), 30min on the other side of the Kali-Gandhaki river.
Day 11: Drive from Kagbeni to Muktinath with Jeep 1hrs, 500NPR.
Trekking this road is to difficult, to much dust, dirt, desolate and Jeeps
Day 12: Stay in Muktinath as long as you like, sightseeing, basar, lokal village trekking into Manang, Muktinath temple, take bath under the 108 water spouts, meet Indian Sadhus.
Day 14: Trek from Muktinath to Jomoson, arrange lokal tiket for flying back to Pokhara, 90 USD or local currancy, stay overnight in Jomosom Guesthouse.
Day 15: Fly from Jomosom to Pokhara, early morning flight 30 min, beautiful view of mountain ranges can be seen from the airplain windows if you sit on the left side. Flight from Pokhara to Jomsom you must sit on the right side.